Microwave oven magnetron 2M218J

Microwave oven magnetron 2M218J
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Galanz microwave oven magnetron microwave M24FC-710A original authentic accessories head M24FB-710A M24FC-710A

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dear! Your home microwave oven, the heating is not? Look at the following.

The microwave components detection method, first off, and then clamp capacitor discharge after the operation is short.

A magnetron, detection method:
1, test between the magnetron filament terminal resistance should be less than 1Ω;
2, in either a filament terminal and the magnetron (ground, between test, the resistance value should be infinite; if the resistance is very small or zero, then the magnetron should be replaced.

Two detection methods: detection of high voltage transformer, three winding:
1, the primary winding, about 1.45Ω
2, the secondary winding, about 112Ω
3, filament winding, less than 1Ω
If the measured readings do not comply with the above data, it may have a high voltage transformer fault, should be replaced.

High voltage capacitive detection method:
1, the instrument in the highest resistance range;
2, normal phenomenon: a test, two terminal capacitor, in a short period of time (real jump, show conduction, and then after charging resistance is about 10MΩ; B, the terminal and the shell resistance should be infinite;
3, is not a normal phenomenon: A, the short circuit of a capacitor always conduction; B, open circuit capacitors because of its 10MΩ resistance and always show about 10MΩ resistance; C, when open circuit in high voltage capacitor internal wiring, will display an infinite resistance.

Four, a high voltage diode (also known as a one-way diode or high voltage rectifier module, detection method:
1, the instrument is set to the highest resistance range (Note: measuring instruments must have at least 6V battery voltage, or in two directions will show infinite resistance,.
2, the normal resistance is infinite in one direction, in the other direction is greater than 100kΩ.

Five, bidirectional diode (also called protective diode, detection method:
1, the instrument is set to the highest resistance range;
2, disconnect the wire, the protection of the diode from the circuit;
3, the normal phenomenon should be from two directions to test the two ends of the protection diode, the resistance value is infinite. If it is damaged, will be in one or two directions show continuity.

Note: Δ the above components are detected, are cut off the power supply and the capacitor discharge, pull out the relevant connection.

This reminder.

Microwave oven magnetron before installation, please determine mica clean and free of grease, otherwise it will cause the magnetron ignition, to damage the magnetron microwave transmitting antenna, and damage the magnetron