Vazzini Beautiful white tender and face firming Compound essential oil (F32) 30ml

Vazzini Beautiful white tender and face firming Compound essential oil (F32) 30ml
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100% Pure Plant Base Oils Wild Camellia  Oil


About Product
  • Name: Wild Camellia Oil Camellia Oil
    Scientific name: Camellia sinenis
    Quality: 100% pure plant based oils (100% pure base oil)
    Country of Origin: Australia

  • There, said: natural wild camellia oil feedstock from mountains natural wild camellia seeds, is a pure natural high woody oil. Camellias grow wild in the rolling peaks of the mountains, there are hundreds of years of growth and life; camellia seeds long growing season, from flowering to harvesting, after the fall, winter, spring, summer, autumn season five fifteen months, when picking Camellia is already in full bloom in full bloom, known as "spores pregnant," said the full Reiki, nutrients are not in general, contain monounsaturated fatty acids are natural oils in the first.

  • Beauty: Pure Camellia oil most amazing subtleties than many more expensive natural skin care products, skin does not stimulate, the most suitable skin allergies. She has "divine oil" and oriental olive oil in the world, but yet more magical than the effect of olive oil.

  • Her superior efficacy as follows:
    1 can improve the rough wrinkled skin, the skin becomes delicate, smooth and flexible.
    2 can improve the sensitivity of the skin, the skin becomes healthy and resistance.
    3 facial skin can be softened and removed blackheads, acne, so skin becomes soft and glossy.
    4 can be improved after exposure arising spots, spots, and can dilute the spot printing.
    5 with nutrition Mart effect, can promote hair growth and makes hair turn black.
    6 can be soothing and moisturizing belly stretch marks caused by bursting discomfort.
    7 can moisturize dry lips and lip burst.
    8 can be applied to the skin, the skin will be moist, soft and delicate to become more flexible
    9 can be used directly for human hair, can completely protect hair bright lubrication, glossy shine on people.

  • Suggested Use: can be 100% concentration used alone or mixed with other base oils. May, by its dilute essential oils to help the oil is quickly absorbed by the skin.



    Brand:Plant Gift

    100% Organic Extra Virgin Wild Camellia  Oil

    Remove blackheads
    Improve the spot
    Make the hair black.
    Soothing abdominal distraction caused by discomfort
    Moisten dry lips


    100% Wild Camellia Oil

    Shelf Life:

    3 years (Made in China, the production date will be clearly marked on the label.)

    Suggest used:

    For Skin Care, Hair & Body Nourishing


    Sealed pack


    1 PCS



    How to use:
    It can be use as fresh cleanser, makeup remover, body massage oil, hair care oil.
    Skin type:All Skin Type
    Wholesale Price:More than 3 pieces, 5% discount



Oil origin is Australia, the manufacturer is Guangdong China
products are cosmetic grade, only for external use, can not eat.


Chinese Description Pictures  for reference, Any question Please feel free contact us


Tips Of  Essential Oil 
For external use only.
Pure essential oil can\'t be applied directly to the skin.because the purity of pure essential oil is 100%,It should be  mixed with base oil for using.(you should smear lavender essential oil and tea tree oil for small area.)
If your skin is sensitive or you are allergic to aroma,You should do allergy test . The test method:Well mix a drop of pure essential oil with 3 drops of base oil to apply a little behind the ear or to smell.
It can not replace drugs.
Pregnant women and woman during menstrual period ues it with cautions.women in early stages of pregnancy can not use essential oil for massage or bathing.
Attention to the amount of usage.use proper amount of it . Excessive usage will make heavy burden to the body.
It should be stored in the dark glass bottle.avoid strong light and heat . Store it at room temperature. Don\'t put it in the fridge.
Keep out of reach of children.
Don\'t put essential oil in the containers which are easily soluble or have color in them. Put essential oil in the stainless steel , Glass or porcelain to dilute.
Orange essential oil is photosensitive(Orange,Bergamot,Grapefruit and Lemon),It will mak e skin sensitive to UV. Sun protection and night use are recommend.
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