Home Egg Beater High power Blender Flour Mixing Tool Cake Baking Noodle Maker with Stainless Steel Bucket Milk Whisk Machine

Home Egg Beater High power Blender Flour Mixing Tool Cake Baking Noodle Maker with Stainless Steel Bucket Milk Whisk Machine
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Oписание продукта

Usage:Medicinal Materials

The new swing speed pulverizer adopts high speed single-phase motor as power, can quickly crushing all kinds of soft and hard materials, general medicine only half a minute can be crushed into 50-300 mesh, a piece of Tianqi crushed into 300 objective fineness only a minute, the pearl is crushed into flour only two minutes, both the uniform and non loss. The modern medicine is real (Pharmacy) indispensable tool instead of traditional medicine medicine, mortar, working efficiency is 50 times than that of manual medicine, by the user\\`s favor and praise! Applicable to the clinic, hospital pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine processing of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine shop grinding, health care products sales counter Valet processing, Research Institute, laboratory analysis and household food (rice, beans, red dates, sesame etc.), spices (pepper, pepper) grinding, more adapted to pseudo ginseng, pearl and other processing they carry, also suitable for chemical industry and feed industry!

The new swing speed mill features:

1, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, can move freely; and has the advantages of simple operation, no vibration, low noise, both electricity and security and other characteristics, especially suitable for traditional Chinese medicine clinics, hospital pharmacy, pharmacy, health care products smashing sales counter Valet processing, Research Institute, laboratory analysis and family food instead of the traditional grinding; being a mortar, work efficiency can be increased by 50 times.

2, the super high speed motor as the driving force, the latest anti locking blade, a main blade lengthened, more thoroughly crushed, medicinal powder fineness (most higher medicinal powder fineness of 50-300 mesh); crushing range: three seven, mountain arrowhead, frankincense, myrrh, donkey hide gelatin, dodder, hippocampus, Astragalus etc. can the very good crushing.

3, grinding speed, grinding time of traditional Chinese medicine is generally not more than 3 minutes, breaking time less than 3 seconds, the timing switch, can set the grinding time, grinding complete automatic shutdown, use more convenient.

4, clean sanitation, work laid the dust, using food grade silicone seals, crushing material without loss, crushing chamber adopts food grade stainless steel drawing process, wall using high gloss polishing technology, smooth and easy to clean; crushing different drugs never string color and odor; grinding groove and blades are made of stainless steel, meet avoid iron in many Chinese herbs requirements.

5, simple operation, personnel without special training; the latest by button pressing type free threaded quick open cover, cover more convenient!

6, durable, cost-effective. Blade is of special steel of Japan, and advanced shaver homogeneous, smash 100-200kg pieces without tool change.

7, the mill the latest increase air overload protector, the comprehensive protection of the motor, to avoid overload and burn motor.

8, the quick open cover swing type high speed grinder maximum capacity of 1000 grams.

Swing type high-speed herbs grinder principle:

Using general grinding high-speed rotating blades hit to achieve dry material comminution. It consists of the crushing chamber, the crushing blade, high-speed motor. The material directly into the crushing chamber, locking the crushing chamber cover, boot 1-3 minutes to complete crushing.

Technical parameters:

Product type: JP-1500B-8D

Product Name: 1500 grams of quick open cover swing type high speed grinder

Motor power: 2500 (W)

Voltage: 220 (V) 50HZ

Speed: 26000 (r/min)

Grinding fineness: 60-300

Net weight: 10 (kg)

Volume: 420 x 240 x 240 (MM)

Yield: 1500 g / times


The user instructions:

1 swing type high speed crusher which belongs to the dry grinding, there shall be no oil, water quality was crushed

2 crushed every input amount shall not exceed the rated weight and smash tank capacity of 1/2, in order to have enough space to let particle fully crushed

3 swing type high speed grinder boot, if grinding are sticky and stuck the blade, so that the motor does not rotate, this time will be a buzzing noise, should immediately dial out power line, to prevent the motor from being burnt, should remove the material, and then close the lid, switch on the power, reinstall the boot (try not to crush the viscous material).

Crush 4 general medicine time takes 30 seconds, traditional Chinese medicine is hard, medium size particle grinding time is 1 minutes. Grinding time should not be too long, to prevent the crushed powder heating stick slot.

5 swing type high speed crusher not long time of continuous work, if the work quantity is big, must pause (minutes), body slightly cooled and then continue to use, to prevent overheating of bearing damage to the motor, at the same time under high temperature and affecting the efficacy of pulverized.

6 operating table, there should be no other irrelevant articles. Mill is placed in the safe on the table, in the confirmation of power supply voltage, the power supply should be close to the table, power supply socket must be reliable grounding, do not force pulling wire, in order to prevent the occurrence of man-made overturned, broken mill and other accidents.

7 the machine in the long-term use, must be inspected regularly brush and razor blades, found serious damage, replacement of spare parts, ensure that the crushing effect.

8 if the motor does not rotate, the power must be cut off, check the power line plug contact is good, the overload protector is bound and carbon brush is serious wear, overload protection device and then click restart, such as brush serious wear spare brush, such as electric machine still does not rotate, must by the professional personnel to repair, use change parts can be in general.

9 in case of power line damage (such as bare exposed), must use a dedicated power line, to the local office to buy a replacement repair part.