Thyristor diode KK1500A2000V For Medium Frequency Induction heat Furnace

Thyristor diode KK1500A2000V For Medium Frequency Induction heat Furnace
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JKWF-16 thyristor power controller 16step split phase with RS485 220v replace current meter voltage meter in capacitor 


1.LED show three phase voltage current ,active power ,reactive power ,current power ,power factor and electric net frequency and control data(taking this power factor capacitor bank which can save current meter ,voltage meter and universal switchover )

2.strong anti interference ability , when 2000v power  input ,the products is  no power off ,no lose data ,stable working 

3.user can setting the data according yourself demanding ,when power is off ,it would not lose before data 

4.over voltage under voltage and lose phase protection function 

5.compensate way : split compensate ,three phase compensate with split phase  

6.output way :static ,dynamic  




Item  Name  JKWF-16 RS485 Reactive power compensation controller
1 LED/LCD Display will show  
a.three-phase voltage,current, active power, reactive 
b.power factor and power network frequency, control parameter
2 Strong anti-interference ability can resist 2kv impulse test ,keep data 
3 You can revise control data sheet ,it will save data no power 
4 Auto analysis phase function 
5 Current get signal resistor less than 0.05Ω
6 Over voltage ,under voltage lack phase protection function 
7 Input way: static ,Dynamic ,compound 
8 Rated voltage AC 220V±10%  AC 380V±10%
9  Rated current AC 0-5A
10 Rated frequency 50Hz±5%
11 Sensitivity 100mA
12 COS φ Preset  0.80-0.99; step length 0.01; Factory preset 0.98 input and cutoff time
13 Input Delay dynamic state 100ms-30S; Static state 1-250S;Factory preset dynamic state 5S; 
static state 30S.
14 Over-voltage protection 230-260V; step length 1V; Return difference 6V  reset 240V
15 Under-voltage protection 180V;return difference 6V
16 Auto Discriminating Phase ON/OFF; factory preset ON(Auto discriminating ON)
17 Reactive threshold OFF-4-100kvar; factory preset OFF (reactive threshold inefficiency)
18 CT variation 50/5A-3000/5A; step length 1; factory preset 500/5A
19 Capacitance capacity 0-99kvar factor preset of each branch 10kvar
20 Contact capacity dynamic state output of each branch DC12V×50mA
Static state output of each branch 380V×7A/200V×5A
21 size 113*113   138*138




1.20 years global leading profession manufacture of energy meter 

2.the precision of measurement

The current identification: the controller can judge the sampling current polarity and automatic conversion.

3.the display of choice

4.parameter setting function function

6.control strategy, capacitors

7.output circuit design 

8.Fast delivery : you will get the order when you need it 

9.OEM is warmly welcome 

10.Convenient : 45 minutes to wenzhou airport 



1.Control signal: comprehensive control by using the power factor and reactive current of two physical quantities

2.Step :step number selected by the user

3.Data storage: after the loss of electricity parameter settings will not be lost, data save permanently

4.Adaptability: automatically adapt to the distribution system of different parameters of the controller, does not need to provide the transformation ratio of current transformer and capacitor compensation capacity

5.Overvoltage protection: the voltage is higher than the set value quickly over voltage, gradual resection capacitors have been put

6.Strong anti-interference: unique design, crash, indiscriminately, indiscriminate cutting phenomenon can not occur in operation

7.Switching shocks: can prevent the small current load and over voltage critical values appear repeated switching

8.High sensitivity: compensator can work normally in the input signal when the current is 0.10A

9.Display error: input signal power of current 0.10A to 5A changes due tonumerical error measurement showed minimal

10.The current identification: the controller can judge the sampling current polarity and automatic conversion


JKWF-16 power factor controller1JKWF-16 power factor controller2JKWF-16 power factor controller3